Catering & Gastronomy in the restaurant of Hotel Castellum Hollókő

Restaurant, lobby bar, wellness bar

National and international, reform and gourmet local palóc dishes, Hungarian cuisine

Visit our restaurant, taste our dishes which not only have the local, palóc flavour but are also prepared according to the modern healthy trends and meet the wishes of those who like the international and national delicacies.

We can serve 120 guests at the same time, in one room on a high quality, but in the adjacent extra room that opens to the lobby on the ground floor, we can accommodate another 40 guests. We are also preparing a terrace beside our restaurant where we can seat approximately 40 guests.

You find several dozen special dishes on our menu, and with our half-pension service we serve the whirlwind of flavours in a buffet-style breakfast and dinner.

We feel that it is our obligation being in this branch and running a restaurant in Hollókő, the village known as the crown-jewel of Nógrád county, that we follow the local Palóc traditions and introduce these to our guests. So naturally, you can find the most known palóc dish on our menu, Palóc gulash (according to the original recipe). This dish was prepared by János Gundel, for the “greatest palóc person,”  Kálmán Mikszáth. In its taste it indeed resembles the sour potato- or bean soup which is so popular among the palóc people, but it has so many more flavours and one can find really everything in it that grows in palóc-county. So based on this, it could actually be a real palóc dish.

The real palóc dishes, on the other hand, that our guests can taste in our restaurant, are the palóc meat dishes, side dishes, pasta dishes prepared with potatoes. We also have desserts, such as haluska, ganca, herőce and ferentő.

Our restaurant, the place for a celebration dinner

We can seat 120 guests in our restaurant, thus it is the perfect place for events, business or family dinners, wedding parties, balls and banquettes. The interior, quality and atmosphere of our restaurant provide our guests with really exclusive experiences.

For our guests who intend to spend several days here, and for our business or family party guests who would like to enjoy some out of the ordinary special services and places, we suggest visiting the Hollókő Captain of the Castle dining hall to host a celebratory dinner. You can guaranteed enjoy the wine-tasting in an excellent atmosphere or a real gastronomy adventure and enjoyable dinners in middle-ages knight style that are organized and run by the personnel.

Another special gastronomy experience we recommend is tasting the Hungarian spirit, pálinka. In our restaurant, we offer you pálinka-tasting from the Palóc Pálinka distillery in Etes, from the Pálinkafamily of Öregetes.

For the real friends of pálinka, we gladly organize transfer to Etes, and pálinka-tasting at the Palóc Pálinka distillery, together with the “must have” companion of this pálinka-tasting, the Village Platter served at the local Palóc Inn.


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Lobby- and Wellness-bar

We are thinking of those of our guests as well who would heighten their level of enjoyment with a special flavoured Gin&Tonic or a more exciting Purple Passion in a more intimate setting – during the day, before or after dinner.

The perfect setting for this is our Lobby-bar, situated opposite our fire-place in our spacious lobby, or the central point of our Wellness Island, the Wellness-bar.



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