The Hotel Castellum Hollókő**** is not “simply” a wellness hotel. When you visit us, besides being spoiled by the modern services of the hotel, you can enjoy the story-book beauty panorama of the surroundings followed by a stroll in the Old Town, you can experience the magical village, a part of UNESCO’s World Heritage, the harmony of its Palóc style houses which has been kept through all times with:

  • Nature (Hollókő Nature Reserve, Cserhát Nature Park)
  • The centre symbol of the village: the small catholic church with its wooden tower and tiled roof
  • The fortress (and its legend) towering over the village since the 13th century, proudly guarding the peace of the county ever since
  • And last, but not least, the young and not so young villagers’ undeviating respect of traditions, folk art treasures and love of life

These all together form the unique atmosphere of Hungary’s only UNESCO’s World Heritage village. The pleasure that touches everyone who visits Hollókő.

And why is that?

Apart from the fact that Hollókő is part of the world heritage, you can find everything in one place here: our architectural, natural, intangible and tangible culture heritage. Due to its history and its past, the village is also a part of our national heritage and also the Carpathian Basin heritage. It is unique and impossible to copy.


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