420 m² wellness area in the Hotel Castellum Hollókő****

Are you longing for active or passive relaxation?

Our four-star wellness services offer you numerous possibilities for any of your choice! Give yourself time for revitalization!

Relax, rest and enjoy as your body and soul let go of the tension, the burden of everyday life! Recharging our soul is as important as spoiling our body. On our Wellness Island we offer relaxation techniques, such as aroma-oil massage and treatments and couple aroma-therapy baths. These all are perfectly designed to make your stress disappear and create a fantastic well-being for you.

Besides all these, a stroll in the natural forest around our hotel, in the fresh air, enjoying the caring stroke of the sunshine seeping through the leaves of the trees, having the magically simple but still unique Hollókő in the background – you give yourself an extra chance for recharging both your soul and mind.

Pleasure and healthy relax in the water

It is by no chance that we call water as the spring of life. Its effect on body and soul is truly unique.

Already the ancient teachers in India knew that our life energy, which defines the quality of our life, depends on “prana,” that is life-energy. We find this abundantly both in water and in air, and of course, in the harmonious unity of these two elements.

Our hydro-massage creates the massaging water-stream by mixing the nice temperature water and air perfectly. This stream increases the relaxing effects during bathing: faster blood-circulation, higher amount of oxygen delivered to the cells, the ideal optimization of blood-pressure and the relaxation of muscles.

Enjoy the pleasant temperature of our pool, our relaxing jaccuzzi – these do not only have meditative effects on you but also cleanse your body and massage your muscles.

Immediate effects:

  • Feeling really good the whole day
  • Easy and comfortable way of relaxing
  • The possibly most effective and pleasurable way of dissolving stress
  • Revitalization of our body and mind which makes us stronger and more resistant even during our everyday life.

Hollókő and its surroundings are listed as one of the most romantic parts of Hungary. We are welcoming couples who are looking for a romantic get-away. We have prepared some specialties for you as well, such as the private bubble-bath for two on our Wellness Island.

The booths of detoxication and rejuvenation


The pleasurable minutes spent in our infra sauna and Finish sauna also enhance detoxication, the revitalization of your skin and the harmonization of blood circulation. They also have positive effects on problems in our nerve systems, on sleeping disorders and on your metabolism. And then we have not even mentioned the blows it strikes on stress.

Our bath barrel and our shower corner by the saunas, together or separately, both enhance the health effects and pleasure of the saunas.

The lower temperature (30-65 C degrees) of the infra sauna is set this way, as due to the infra rays, our body gets warmer and not the air, like it happens in the Finish sauna. But regardless, the physiological effects are the same: the blood-vessels enlarge, making the blood-circulation continuous, metabolism speeds up, our immune system gets stronger, the unnecessary and the toxic leaves our body with the sweat. We can spend about 30 minutes continuously in the infra sauna and during this time, up to 900 calories can leave our body. The infra sauna forms our body in a better way and relaxes our muscles more effectively than the Finish sauna.

In our steam-booth we can enjoy the stimulative and cleansing effects of the warm steam. Even though the temperature is not higher than 30 – 50 C degrees, due to the 80 – 100 % of humidity, it feels a lot warmer. Because of the steam, the pores open up, the blood-circulation gets faster, the muscles relax and the airways get cleaned up.

Our modern solarium gives you healthy tan with its enjoyable and refreshing extras.

Our massage programs – spoiling your body refreshes your mind


During massage treatments, our body rejuvenates and refreshes. Massage is one of the most ancient and pleasurable natural method for preventing and curing illness and to create well-being. Massage therapy does not only relax the uncontrolled tension of the muscles and refreshes the skin, but also aids the correct rhythm of our heart-beat and the calibration of our blood-pressure and blood-circulation. It activates the para-sympathetic nerve-system, balancing out the negative reactions our body creates as an answer to stress.

During aroma-therapy massage, by using aroma oils, we are giving further impulses to the body and soul, and with that, we recreate and maintain the balance between your body and energy-level, and we ensure your well-being.

Hotel Castellum Hollókő**** planned massage treatments:

Basic massage treatments:

  • Refreshing massage     20′          5900.-Ft     50′     9900.-Ft
  • Relaxing massage         20′          5900.-Ft     50′     9900.-Ft
  • Sport massage               20′          5900.-Ft     50′     9900.-Ft
  • Foot massage                20′          5900.-Ft

Special massage treatments:

  • Exfoliation                                 20′           5900.-Ft
  • Lava stone massage                 60′         11900.-Ft
  • Hot roller massage                   40′           9900.-Ft                           (20′ back massage + 20′ hot massage)

Body therapy/aroma-therapy massage treatments

  • Chocolate, blueberry, green tea, red grape massage                                                     50′          11900.-Ft
  • Exfoliation + Chocolate, blueberry, green tea, red grape massage                           60′         12900.-Ft
  • Exfoliation + Mask + Chocolate, blueberry, green tea, red grape massage         75′        15900.-Ft


The availability of the masseurs:

On weekdays: 9:30 a.m.– 7:30 p.m. (1 person)

On weekends: 8:30 a.m.– 7:30 p.m. (2 person)


Active relaxation for the sport-lovers

Not many know, but Hollókő is a fantastic place for hiking as well. The study paths around the village: Kertek-alja (Among the Gardens), Váralja (At the Feet of the Castle) and Holló (Raven) study paths do no only provide wonderful possibilities for a walk, but also introduces the visitors to the flora and fauna of the area, the earlier folk traditions of the village and other useful information.

15 kms of the National Blue Trail Route leads through the Hollókő Nature Reserve and the Way of Mary (Mária Út) pilgrimate route also leads through the nearby village of Kozárd, towards our National Shrine, Mátraverebély – Szentkút.

Bicycle friendly hotel

Our hotel pays special attention to the bicycle tourism. We have not only electric and traditional bicycles for rent, but also offer bicycle service and storage room for bicycles as well for our bicycle-guests.

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