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Private jacuzzi with aromatherapy essential oils

We are welcoming couples who are looking for a romantic get-away. We have prepared some specialties for you as well, such as the private bubble-bath for two on our Wellness Island.

Relax in our private jacuzzi, enjoy the beneficial effects of the different aromas!

monthly/weekly schedule
  30 minutes 60 minutes
Monday: lavender 5.900 HUF 9.900 HUF
Tuesday: pine 5.900 HUF 9.900 HUF
Wednesday: rose 5.900 HUF 9.900 HUF
Thursday: lavender 5.900 HUF 9.900 HUF
Friday: pine 5.900 HUF 9.900 HUF
Saturday: rose 5.900 HUF 9.900 HUF
Sunday: lavender 5.900 HUF 9.900 HUF
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In case of using a 60 minute bath, our guests receive fruits and a glass of champagne as a gift.

Pampering at a superior level

Effects of lavender essential oil:

The lavender essential oil restores the mental balance, relieve the mind, provides relaxation and supports the maintenance of mental and physical well-being. It neutralizes the overactivity of senses. Using it in a bath, helps to preserve the skin’s flexibility and it has an anticonvulsant effect.

Effects of pine essential oil:

It improves the blood supply of the skin, it boosts circulation and has a toning effect. It relieves the symptoms of tiredness, exhaustion, it facilitates breathing, reduces muscle cramps. It has a stimulating effect, it boosts energy, increases the intellectual performance, and improves the ability to concentrate.

Effects of rose essential oil:

In aromatherapy, rose oil has a soothing effect, helps to relax, and calms down the emotions. It resolves the mood swings, calms the nerves, and ceases sleeplessness. It mitigates desperation and sadness. It reduces the occurrence of inflammations, muscle cramps. It stimulates the blood circulation and strengthens the capillaries.