Saunas - Castellum Hotel Hollókő**** - Wellness szálloda


The booths of detoxication and rejuvenation

Castellum Hotel**** Hollókő - Saunas

Finnish sauna:

90-95 oC

humidity: 8-15 % 

recommended length of stay: maximum 15 minutes

beneficial effect: stress relief; detoxification; immune system strengthening; softening, tightening of skin; skin purification effect

after using the sauna, cooling down and relaxation are recommended

Infra sauna:

40-60 oC

humidity: 15-25 %

recommended length of stay: maximum 30 minutes

effect: the infrared radiation relieves stress; detoxifies; strengthens the immune system; beautify the skin

after using the sauna, it is recommended to take a warm shower and dry your body with a towel

The lower temperature (40-60 C degrees) of the infra sauna is set this way, as due to the infra rays, our body gets warmer and not the air, like it happens in the Finish sauna.

Hotel Castellum**** Hollókő - Infra sauna

Hotel Castellum**** Hollókő - Steam room

Steam room:

40-45 oC

humidity: 40-90 % 

recommended length of stay: 5 minutes

it has a beneficial effect on upper respiratory tract diseases, asthma, allergy

after using the steam room, relaxation is recommended

Our experience shower, next to the saunas, assure an excellent relaxation.