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Legal Notice

Legal Notice

Official name of the company operating the website: 

Fort-Bau Zrt.

Seat: 1074 Budapest, Dohány u. 29


1, 3100 Salgótarján, Állomás u. 5.

2, 3167 Hollókő, Sport u. 14. Hrsz. 89/19

Contact details: Phone: 0632 512700, E-mail:

Company registration number: 01-10-140991

Tax number: 28763291-2-42

Hosting Service Provider: CM Host

General Terms and Conditions (GTC)

I. Service provider data:

Operator company’s name: Fort-Bau Zrt.
Seat: 1074 Budapest, Dohány utca 29.
Site: 3176 Hollókő, Sport utca 14. HRSZ.:89/19.
Company registration number: 01-10-140991
Tax number: 28763291-2-42

II. General rules

2.1. The present "General Hotel Contract Terms and Conditions" (hereafter referred to as GTC) summarizes the contractual content based on which Fort-Bau Zrt. (seat: 1074 Budapest,Dohány u. 29.)., the operator of Castellum Hotel Hollókő**** (3176 Hollókő, Sport utca 14. Hrsz.-.-: 89/19) (hereinafter referred to as "the Service Provider"), concludes an accommodation contract with its Guests.
2.2. Special, unique terms do not form part of the GTC described herein but do not exclude the conclusion of separate agreements with travel agents, organizers, and occasionally different conditions corresponding to the type of business.

III. Contracting parties

3.1. Services provided by the Service Provider are used by the Guest.
3.2. If the Guest gives his/her order for services directly to the Services Provider, the Guest is the Contracting party. The Service Provider and the Guest jointly - if the conditions are met - become contracting parties (hereinafter referred to as "the Parties").
3.3. If the order for services is given to the Service Provider by a third party (hereinafter referred to as the "Intermediary") on behalf of the Guest, the terms of the cooperation are governed by the contract concluded between the Service Provider and the Intermediary, but this document is an integral part of that contract, too. In this case, the Service Provider is not liable to examine whether the third party legally represents the Guest.

IV. The establishment of the contract, the method of booking, its modification, obligation to notify, the start and end of accommodation, the eventual prolongation

4.1. The Service Provider sends a written offer for the oral or written quotation of the Guest / Intermediary. If no concrete order is received within 48 hours after sending the offer, or the parties have not otherwise agreed in writing, the Service Provider's binding on the offer is terminated.
4.2. The Contract is established by the Service Provider's written acknowledgment of the Guest / Intermediary's written reservation and thus constitutes a Contract concluded in written form. An oral reservation, agreement, amendment or its oral confirmation by the Service Provider is of no contract value.
4.3. The Contract on the use of accommodation services is for a specified period of time.
4.3.1. If the Guest definitively leaves the room before the expiration of the specified period, or if the guest has not arrived without cancellation, the Service Provider is entitled to 100% of the price of the Service included in the contract. The Service Provider is entitled to re-sell the room vacated before the expiration date.
4.3.2. The Service Provider's prior consent is required for the prolongation of the use of accommodation service initiated by the Guest.
4.3.3. The use of the accommodation service is subject to the condition that the Guests shall certify their identity according to the legal regulations before the occupation of the room. Nobody can stay in the hotel without checking-in.
4.4. A written agreement signed by the Parties is required to amend and / or supplement the Contract.
4.5. The rooms are available from 2.00 PM on the day of arrival, there is the possibility of earlier arrival upon prior agreement and confirmation, against the payment of the fee.
4.6. If the Guest does not appear until 4 PM of the agreed day, the Service Provider has the right to withdraw from the contract, unless a later arrival time has been stipulated.
4.7. The Guest must leave the rooms on the day of departure until no later than 11.00 AM. Depending on the occupancy of the hotel, the Service Provider offers an option for late check-out which is free of charge until 12.00 upon prior agreement, after this time, the check-out is possible until 6.00 PM against the payment of the fee. The Guest can indicate his/her intention of prolongation in advance at the reception desk.
4.8. If the Guest does not vacate the room at until 11.00 AM on the day indicated at the check-in as the day of leaving, and the Service Provider has not agreed preliminary to prolong the stay, the Service Provider is entitled to charge the room price for an additional day and at the same time the Service Provider’s service obligation is terminated.
4.9. If the Guest intends to occupy the room on the day of arrival before 6 AM, the previous night will be charged.

V. Catering

5.1. The hotel's restaurant is open from Monday to Sunday between 7:00 AM and 10:00 PM. The Guest can request his/her table reservation at the reception desk or in the restaurant. The lobby bar is open on weekdays between 8 AM and 10 PM, on weekend (Friday and Saturday) from 8 AM to Midnight, and the wellness bar is open from 8 AM to 7 PM.
5.2. The half pension service with a rich buffet breakfast and dinner starts with the dinner on the arrival day and ends with a breakfast on the day of leaving. In case of late check-in (after 10:00 PM), if the Guest has indicated it in advance, we provide cold food.
5.3. Breakfast is served from 7.30 AM to 10.30 AM in the hotel's restaurant. If requested by the Guest, we can serve the meals ordered via the room service card in the room. The price of these meals includes the room service fee.

VI. Wellness and Spa services

6.1. The wellness island of Castellum Hotel Hollókő**** is open every day between 7.30 AM and 7.30 PM.
6.2. The current service prices can be found at all times at the website.
6.3. For the hotel guests, the following services are included in the room price:

  • Use of adventure pool, Jacuzzi and children's pool
  • Spa experience world: Finnish sauna, infra sauna, steam room, massage shower, relaxation area with rest beds
  • Use of locker, wellness towels, sauna towels and bathrobes

6.4. The Spa and Wellness world is available for external guests depending on the utilization of the hotel, upon prior appointment, with appointment in the above-mentioned opening hours. For external guests, the entrance ticket includes the following services:

  • Use of adventure pool, Jacuzzi and children's pool
  • Spa experience world: Finnish sauna, infra sauna, steam room, massage shower, relaxation area with rest beds
  • Use of locker and sauna towels

VII. Prices

7.1. The current room prices are available in the hotel rooms, on the hotel's website ( and at the reception desk of the hotel. The price lists of other services are available at the given hotel department (restaurant, wellness) and on the hotel's website.
7.2. The Service Provider may freely change the announced prices without prior notice. If the Guest has booked an accommodation and it is confirmed by the Service Provider in writing, the Service Provider can no longer change this accommodation price.
7.3. When announcing the prices, the Service Provider shall indicate the tax component (VAT, Tax on tourism) of the prices, which is regulated by law. The Service Provider - by preliminary notification - transmits to the Contracting Party the additional charges due to the change of the applicable tax law (VAT, tax on tourism).
7.4. Current discounts, promotions and other offers will be announced at the website. Promoted discounts cannot be combined with any other discounts. In case of the reservation of products subject to special conditions, group reservations or events, the Service Provider may specify conditions fixed in an individual contract.

VIII. Children discounts

8.1. In case of 2 interconnected double rooms, we provide a 15% discount from the price of the 2nd room if it is used by child/children at the age of 0-12 years.
8.2. It is required to agree your baby bed needs in advance with service provider, at the time of booking, baby beds are provided free of charge depending on the capacity.
8.3. Extra bed prices and discounts apply in all room types for children staying with the same room as their parents. Extra bed prices include also half pension (buffet breakfast and buffet dinner).

Age of child:                                                                     Price of extra bed:
up to the age of 2:                                                          free of charge
from the age of 3 - to the age of 6:                             8.000 Ft/night
from the age of 7 - to the age of 14:                          15.000 Ft/night

IX. Services

The current payable and free services can be found on the hotel's website ( and in the Guest brochures placed in the rooms and at the Reception desk.

X. Pets

10.1. In the Service Provider’s hotel, small pets (in case of dogs up to 40 cm height at withers) can be accommodated for a fee, and can be kept in the hotel room under the supervision of the Guest. Common areas can be used to access rooms, other rooms (catering areas, the complete wellness area, etc.), however, cannot be visited with pets.
10.2. The Guest is fully responsible for any damage caused by pets.
10.3. Guide dogs for the blind are allowed.

XI. Cancellation terms

11.1. If no other conditions are specified in the hotel's offer, cancellation of the accommodation service without contractual penalty is possible as follows: 48 hours prior to the day of arrival. If canceled within this time period or if no cancellation is made, the Service Provider is entitled to a contractual penalty amounting to one night stay (package) in case of one or two nights stay, otherwise 50% of the price of the ordered service. For groups and special pricing, the hotel may also specify individual cancellation conditions.
11.2. If the Contracting Party has not provided the accommodation services with down payment, credit card guarantee or other contractual terms, the Service Provider's service obligation is as follows: on the day of arrival until 4.00 PM local time.

XII. Method of payment, guarantee

12.1. The Service Provider claims the price of the services provided to the Contracting party no later than the time of using the services, before leaving the hotel, but may also offer the option of subsequent payment under an individual agreement.
12.2. The price of the services ordered can be paid on-site in cash (Forints or Euros - the prices of services in Euro can be converted at the daily exchange rate set by the Service Provider on the day of arrival of the guest, the current billing rate can be viewed at the reception of the hotel), by bank card or credit card (American Express, MasterCard, Maestro, Visa, Visa Electron), Széchenyi Relaxation Card (SZÉP card) (OTP, K&H, MKB). For our corporate partners or in case of voucher purchases, we can also offer payment via bank transfer upon prior arrangement. In the case of a bank transfer - if the agreement concluded with the Service Provider does not provide otherwise - the Guest must transfer the price of the services ordered to the hotel's bank account before the day of arrival, so that the amount is credited to the hotel's bank account until the day of arrival or the Guest certifies the bank transfer by the irrevocable declaration confirming the bank transfer, issued by the Guest’s account managing financial institution.
12.3. In order to guarantee the use of the service under the Contract and the settlement of the price, the Service Provider;

  • you can ask for a credit card guarantee where the price of the ordered and confirmed service is blocked on the credit card,
  • and may ask for a down payment for a part of the participation fee or for the full amount of the participation fee

12.4. The cost of applying any form of payment is borne by the Contracting Party.

XIII. Refusal of completion of contract, termination of service obligation

13.1. The Service Provider is entitled to terminate the contract concerning the accommodation services with immediate effect so that to refuse the provision of services, if:

  • the guest is not using the room or facility at his/her disposal according to its intended use
  • the Guest fails to comply with the security regulations or policies of the hotel: the guest shows reprehensible, rude behavior to the employees, is under the influence of alcohol or drug, shows threatening, offensive, or otherwise unacceptable behavior
  • the Guest is suffering from an infectious disease.
  • the Contracting Party fails to meet his/her down payment obligation specified in the Contract until the specified date

13.2. If the Contract between the parties is not met for "vis major" reasons, the contract will be terminated.

XIV. Accommodation guarantee

14.1. If the Service Provider cannot provide the services included in the Contract due to its own fault (e.g. over-occupancy, temporary operation problems, etc.), it is obligated to provide the guest’s accommodation immediately.
14.2. The Service Provider is liable to:
a) provide/offer the services included in the Contract at a price confirmed in the Contract, for the period stipulated therein - or until the unavailability has ceased - at another accommodation of the same or a higher category. All additional costs of providing a replacement accommodation are borne by the Service Provider
b) provide a phone call possibility for the Guest free of charge to announce the change of accommodation
c) provide a free shuttle to the Guest to move to the offered alternative accommodation and for eventual re-moving later
14.3. If the Service Provider fully complies with these obligations and the Guest has accepted the alternative accommodation offered to it, the Contracting Party may not exercise any subsequent claim for damages.

XV. The illness, death of the guest

15.1. If during the use of the accommodation service the Guest becomes ill and unable to act in his/her own interest, the Service Provider offers medical assistance.
15.2. In case of illness / death of the Guest, the Service Provider claims the compensation of costs from the patient / the deceased person's relative, heir, and account holder; concerning the eventual medical and procedural costs, the price of the services received prior to death and in relation to illness/death, any damage to equipment or furniture.

XVI. Rights of the Contracting Party (Guest)

16.1. Under the terms of the Contract, the Guest is entitled to the intended use of the ordered room as well as the facilities of the accommodation, which are included in the standard service and are not subject to special conditions.
16.2. The Guest may complain in connection with the completion of services provided by the Service Provider for the duration of the stay. During this period, the Service Provider undertakes to handle the complaint forward to it in written form (or entered by it in minutes).
16.3. The Guest's right to complain will be terminated after leaving the accommodation.

XVII. Obligations of the Contracting Party (Guest)

17.1. The Contracting Party shall pay the price of the services ordered in the Contract until the date and in the manner specified in the Contract.
17.2. The Guest shall ensure that a child under 14 years of age under his/her responsibility shall stay under the supervision of an adult at the Service Provider's hotel.
17.3. The Guest cannot bring his/her own food or drink into the hotel's catering facilities.
17.4. Before installing any electrical appliance brought by guests, which do not belong to the usual travel equipment, the Service provider's consent must be requested.
17.5. The Guests’ vehicles will have free access to the unattended outdoor parking lots of the hotel which are monitored by camera.
17.6. Please dispose of the trash in the garbage collection containers placed in the area of the hotel and in the rooms.
17.7. It is forbidden to take furnishings and textiles out of the hotel! The hotel will have the damaging party pay for the damages caused by negligence or intentionally.
17.8. The Guest may use the equipment, furnishings at the hotel's premises solely at his/her own risk, subject compulsory compliance with the posted user's manuals.
17.9. Under the execution of the Act XLII of 1999 on the protection of non-smokers, from 1st January, 2012, the hotel is a non-smoking facility. According to this: in the rooms, restaurant and community areas of the hotel, under the Hungarian legislation smoking is prohibited outside the area designated for smoking. The hotel has placed the signs warning about the obligation to comply with the referred law in the areas required by law. Employees of the hotel are entitled to warn the guests and any other persons being in the premises of the hotel to comply with the law or to stop the unlawful behavior. Guests, and any person staying in the premises of the hotel is obliged to comply with the law and to comply with any warning. If due to the unlawful behavior of any of the guests or any person staying in the premises of the hotel, the operator of the hotel gets a fine from the competent authority based on the referred law, then the operator reserves the right to pass on or claim the payment of the amount of the fine to the person showing unlawful behavior. Smoking is possible at the designated area. In case of smoking in the rooms or in the building, we will charge an amount of HUF 15,000 as compensation.
17.10. It is forbidden to store flammable, explosive materials in the hotel room. In the event of a fire, please contact the reception desk immediately. In case of fire or other alarm, Guests are obliged to leave the rooms or the common areas of the hotel as soon as possible according to the information provided there.
17.11. Guests who use the rooms and the commonly used equipment and furnishings of the hotel will be jointly and severally liable for any damage resulting from improper use.
17.12. For the fireworks and other activities subject to authorization, brought by the guest, the written consent of the hotel, as well as the obtaining of official permits by hotel guests, are required.
17.13. The Guest must immediately report to the hotel the damage suffered by him/her and provide all necessary information to the hotel to clarify the circumstances of the incident, or which are eventually needed to record a police report / for the police procedure.
17.14. The Guest expressly acknowledges that in the common areas (except changing rooms, toilets, but including car parks and external areas directly connected to the hotel) for security reasons, the hotel operates a close circuit camera system, the recordings of which are deleted according to the relevant legal regulations.
17.15. Guests (including the visitors arriving to a Guest staying at the hotel and persons traveling with the Guest) are obliged to properly use the hotel building and its immediate vicinity, and without any unnecessary disturbance to other guests or visitors.
17.16. Upon leaving, the Guest must return the room cards at the reception desk. Failure to do so, or in case of losing the card or its destruction, the Service Provider is entitled to charge damages for the card that the Guest is required to pay when leaving. Guest can use the room cards until 11 AM on the day of leaving to enter their room. After this time, the room card - unless the Guest has agreed with the Service Provider for the prolongation of the stay - will lose its validity.
17.17. In the opinion, not indicated on-site, and forwarded later by the Guest to Service Provider through an online platform, the Guest is responsible for all declarations causing damages to the Service Provider, and which cannot be proven.

XVIII. Contracting Party’s (Guest) liability for damages

The Guest is responsible for all damages and disadvantages suffered by the Service Provider or a third party due to the fault of the Guest, his/her companion or any other person under his/her responsibility. This liability also exists if the injured party has the right to claim damages directly from the Service Provider.

XIX. Rights of the Service Provider in Hungary

If the Guest fails to comply with his/her obligation to pay the fee for the services subject to contractual penalty that he or she has used, or ordered in the Contract, but has not used, the Service Provider is entitled to a lien for securing its claims on the personal belongings of the Guest that he/she has brought to the hotel.

XX. Obligations of the Service Provider

The Service Provider must:
a) fulfill the accommodation and other services ordered under the contract according to the valid regulations and service standards
b) make a written record of the guest's oral complaint, investigate the guest’s complaint and take the necessary measures to handle the problem, which the Service Provider shall also record in writing
c) in the areas inside the hotel and on the terraces, for the relaxation of our Guests, it is forbidden to make noise in the period after 10:00 PM, including the use of television, listening to music at an annoying volume, and loud music in the hall, for the compliance of which the hotel staff is responsible.

XXI. The Service Provider's liability for damages

21.1. The Service Provider shall be liable for any damage suffered by the Guest arising from the fault of the Service Provider or its employees within its facilities.
21.1.1. The Service Provider's liability does not cover damage caused by the unavoidable accidental cause outside the scope of the Service Provider's employees or guests, or caused by the Guest himself/herself.
21.1.2. The Service Provider can designate places in the hotel where the Guest cannot enter. The Service Provider shall not be liable for any damage, injury occurred in such places.
21.1.3. The Guest must immediately report to the hotel the damage suffered by him/her and provide all necessary information to the hotel to clarify the circumstances of the incident, or which are eventually needed to record a police report / for the police procedure.
21.2. The Service Provider also assumes responsibility for the damage suffered by the guest by the loss, destruction or damage of property, only when the Guest has placed this property in the place designated by the Service Provider for this purpose, or placed in his / her room, or the properties that The Service Provider gave to an employee against a receipt who the Service Provider might consider entitled to receive the properties.
21.2.1. The Service Provider is responsible for valuables, securities, and cash, only if it has expressly received them for keeping, or the damage has occurred for a reason for which it is responsible under the general rules. In this case, the proof shall be assumed by the Guest.
21.2.2. The Service Provider shall not be liable for damages resulting from improper use.                                                                             

21.2.3. The Service Provider shall not be liable for damages if the use of the hotel’s wellness department and sport facilities are limited or not allowed for the period of maintenance of such facilities ordered for the compliance with the special or sanitary requirements.
21.2.4. Use of the hotel's wellness and spa department, the fitness room is provided at the Guest's sole responsibility, in the vicinity of the water there is an increased risk of slipping. The hotel is not responsible for any accidents resulting therefrom.
21.3. Extent of the compensation for damages: In Hungary: fifty times the amount of the daily room price according to the Contract, unless the damage is less than this amount.
21.4. In specific cases, local laws are applicable.

XXII. Confidentiality

The Service Provider shall act as specified in its Privacy Policy.

XXIII. Vis major

In case of any reason or circumstance (for example, war, fire, flood, extreme weather conditions, current shortage, strike) over which the party has no control (vis major), any party shall be exempt from the performance of its duty under the Contract until such cause or circumstance exists. The Parties agree that they will do their utmost to limit the possibility of such causes and circumstances to the lowest possible level and to remedy any damage or delay resulting from it as soon as possible.

XXIV. Place of performance and applicable law in the legal relationship of the parties, competent court

24.1. The place of performance is the place where the accommodating hotel is located.
24.2. Concerning all disputes arising out of the accommodation contract, related to the Service Provider, the substantive and locally competent court will be assigned.
24.3. Concerning the legal relationship between the Service Provider and the Guest the provisions of Hungarian law shall be applicable.
24.4. The most important thing for Castellum Hotel Hollókő**** operated by Fort-Bau Therm Kft is that its Guests shall always be satisfied with the services offered by the hotel. Therefore, their complaints must be examined in an impartial and complete manner through an equal procedure, which can provide important information to them. After the investigation of the complaint, Castellum Hotel Hollókő**** commits itself to provide a response detailing the outcome of the full investigation of the complaint and the measures proposed to settle, resolve the complaint.

24.5. Complaint is any objection to the service or omission of Fort-Bau Therm Kft for the solution of which the complainant explicitly and specifically requests that Fort-Bau Therm Kft shall act.
24.6. Concerning their questions and eventual complaints related to the operation of the hotel, reservations and services, Guests can contact Fort-Bau Therm Kft at one of the following contact details:

Address: 3176 Hollókő, Sport utca 14.
Electronic mail address:
Phone number: +36 21 3000 500

24.7. Fort-Bau Zrt responds to written complaints in a substantive manner within the statutory deadline of 25 days. In Castellum Hotel Hollókő**** we handle all objections recorded in the consumer complaints register or submitted in a written form are handled as complaints.
24.8. Fort-Bau Zrt solves oral complaints immediately on-site, if possible, and if it is not possible, then it will record minutes on the oral complaint. If possible, the minutes will be finalized with the consent of the complainant and a copy of it will be given to the complainant. If the latter is not possible, the minutes shall be sent at the latest at the same time as the answer to the oral complaint - at the latest on the 25th day following the receipt of the complaint.
24.9. Fort-Bau Zrt registers all complaints, paying particular attention to the protection of personal data. The personal data requested is for the sole purpose of identification and cannot serve any other data collection purposes.
24.10. The data of the client who submitted the complaint shall be handled according to the provisions of the Act CXII of 2011 on informational self-determination and on the freedom of information.
24.11. Fort-Bau Zrt forwards its substantive decision made on the complaint to the complainant in a written form, with exact, clear and unequivocal justification. If the document notifying about the substantive decision refers to a legal act, in addition to indicating the specific Act, its substantive provisions shall also be set forth.
24.12. In the event if the complaint is rejected or the 25-day statutory deadline for replying to a complaint is ineffective, the Guest may contact the following bodies or authorities:

The Guest considered as a customer may initiate the procedure through the contact details of the Arbitration Board competent at the consumer's domicile or at place of activity of the service provider. The contact details of the county organization can be found here below.

In case of a cross-border legal dispute, by clicking on the link, the Guest can submit his/her complaint electronically to the Arbitration Board of Budapest. - If the Guest has a question about the procedure, he/she can also contact the Arbitration Board of Budapest as an online dispute settlement contact point:

Address: 1016 Budapest, Krisztina krt. 99. III. em. 310.
Post address: 1253 Budapest, Pf.: 10.
Email cím:
Fax: +36 1 488 21 86
Phone: +36 1 488 21 31

Depending on the nature of the case, the Guest may contact the following authorities according to place of activity of Fort-Bau Zrt:

Nógrád County Government Office, Major Department of Technical Licensing and Consumer Protection, Department of Consumer Protection

Address: 3100 Salgótarján, Mérleg u. 2.
Post address: 3101 Salgótarján, Pf. 265.
Phone number: 06 (32) 511-116

Nógrád County Arbitration Board

Address: 3100 Salgótarján, Alkotmány út 9/a
Phone number: +3632520860
Faxszám: +3632520862
Name: dr. Pongó Erik

Town-clerk of Hollókő

Address: 3176 Hollókő, Kossuth út 74.
Phone number: 32/379-255

24.13. If during the handling of complaints, Fort-Bau Therm Kft has violated the laws provided for the consumer's (such as, it has not given a timely or substantive response to a written or verbal complaint, it has mislead the consumer, or has committed any other violation related to consumer protection), the consumer may contact the National Consumer Protection Authority (NFH). The NFH's territorial bodies are the Consumer Protection Inspectorates of the County Government Offices, which can be found at each county town:
24.14. Concerning the questions not regulated by the present General Terms and Conditions, the provisions of the Hungarian Civil Code (Ptk), the rules of the Government decree no. 45/2014. (II.26.) on the distance contract, and the Act CVIII of 2001 on certain questions of electronic commercial services, of services related to the information society, and the provisions of the Act CLV of 1997. Concerning the legal relationship between the Service Provider and the contracting party the provisions of the local law (Hungarian) shall be applicable. For conducting any legal disputes resulting from the service agreement, the court having the jurisdiction according to the place of service, is the competent court.

Hollókő, 15 July, 2016